Kunstikit is a challenge to Norwegian performing artists to create their own work using a uniform set (or kit) of components and dogmas. The same 12 components and 3 dogmas for every artist or group who participates. These will provide the distinct vocabulary with which each new work will be expressed.

As different artists approach the kit, they will endow it with their own subjectivity, personality, colour.

Showing these works collectively, at five separate festivals around Norway, Kunstikit will highlight the breadth and diversity in Norwegian performing arts, and pinpoint some of the manifold approaches to creating a performance.

What we will see through this kaleidoscopic view of Norwegian artistry, is something clearly representative of the time and place we live in, and the people we share it with.

Wrap arts centre in Bergen has commissioned the 12 components that make up the kit, from some of the most active and interesting artists across Norway. All these components were completed and produced in 2011. All performances that are produced with this kit will be shown at festivals around Norway in September and October. These festivals will not only be an opportunity to see the performances themselves, but to see the individual components in the kit, listen to live music with elements from the kit, talks with relevant artists/theoreticians and debate. 

In the autumn of 2011, Leo Preston and Veronica Thorseth joined forces with Tiago Rodrigues and Tonan Quito from Portugal, to create a Kunstikit workshop which toured Norway, introducing performing artists to the kit, and exploring various approaches to working with such material.

There are 30 artists/groups participating in Kunstikit.

This is a dogma project. All Kunstikit performances must:

  1. Use at least three components from the kit

  2. Last between three and thirty minutes

  3. Have no more than three lighting changes (and not pose extensive technical demands on the venue).

Festival dates and venues at www.kunstikit.no

What is in the kit?

Hilde Skancke Pedersen

Scenic material

Line Lockert

Text with props / costumes

Reinhard Haverkamp

Flexible set

Roar Sletteland

Instrument / sound

Per Bjørn Foros

Text with props / cards

Linn Cecilie Ulvin

Text & actions

Signe Marie Andersen

An extra / scenic object

Rune Andreassen


Found By Wrap

Research procedure/ notes

Elin Øyen Vister

Sound archive

Hjørdis Kurås



(kit receivers only)


  1. BulletTeaterhuset Avant Garden

  2. BulletTou Scene

  3. BulletRådstua Teaterhus

  4. BulletDen Nationale Scene

  5. BulletCaféteatret

Confirmed Performing Artists

  1. BulletDeepblue

  2. BulletKurt Johannessen

  3. BulletNONcompany

  4. BulletLawrence Malstaf

  5. BulletTore Vagn Lid / Transiteatret



A world of possibilities...